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Ghislain Antiques exist since eighteen years, and for a long time we have sold exclusively pieces of furniture and objects dated XVIIIth and XIXth centuries. Today, with the evolution of our customers, we renewed our stock, and the industrial furniture, dated from the end of XIXth to the end of the last century, is now our main offer.
We are proposing primarily pieces of furniture and objects beforehand used in a context of factory, or workshop, and still remarkable today by the esthetic and the technical interest of their design : the original function is often surprising, the object can be quite unique, and dedicated to a specific work, obsolete today.

Our concept pushes us to seek for some pieces with a present or past utility. We are using functional objects, they will be restored and then will find a place into a modern dwelling or among the decorative elements of a shop. These industrial objects testify for a work close from a craft industry on machine and are not mass manufactured products. They could be diverted from their initial function and adapted if necessary to the way of life of our new century.

Using these ancient materials for decoration is recycling. The ecological interest of the process meets up with its decorative purpose. We also associate a part of garden furniture with the industrial items, in order to bring a note of nature into this so metallic universe. Similarily, the integration of natural wood and handworked leather elements gives a luxury tone to some furniture whom the first destination was pure utility and which is now considered as decorative and design, due to its own qualities and context.

A large part of our customers are young urban people who want to make a break with classic antiques, and are buying some furniture more adapted by their proportions, materials, esthetics, purpose, with the technical and architectural criteria of contemporary homes. Toward this, the industrial object, which often combines the technical and decorative interests, pushes the owner's emotions further than the furnishing or classic decorative object could do with their expected integration inside a conventional space.
Since 2006 our activities extend to the design of furniture, when we cannot find what we need in the industrial world we realize it, what leads us to develop some partnerships with shops to create their professional furniture.

We are present on several Antiques fairs in the United States, it enables us to meet with our customers, a little less present in Europe lately. We select carefully the events in which we wish to take part, by privileging their quality and not their number.

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